Shannon Sharpe and Jay Bradley talk all things cognac on What We’re Drinking With Dan Dunn.

It’s fair to say the phones have been ringing off the hook after the launch of Le Portier and our inaugural release, Shay VSOP. But one show we had to say yes to was Dan Dunn’s podcast, ‘What We’re Drinking with Dan Dunn’. This entertaining, lively look at food and drink across the US gives listeners a heads up on the most exciting trends and news from the gastronomic world, combined with history, politics and celebs.

Shannon Sharpe and Jay Bradley joined Dan to talk about everything from sports stadiums to launch parties, and of course, cognac. They discuss everything from the design of the box to the endless tastings it took for Jay and Shannon to find a cognac as perfect as both men demand. 

Shannon praises his grandmother, Mary Porter, the inspiration behind Le Portier. He talks about how growing up in the tough conditions they endured, filled him with the desire to do better, for himself, his grandmother and his own kids. From Porter, they chose the French version, Le Portier to honour Mary Porter and the discipline and hard work she instilled in Shannon and that formed the foundations of his success in sports, TV and now Cognac. 

Both Jay and Shannon are fully invested in the business and spent years planning, designing and discussing every element. This is no endorsement – Shannon has been involved in every step from design to taste.

When they first started crafting Shay VSOP, Jay questioned Shannon on what he likes from his cognac and he picked out smoothness, a bit of spice, and some butterscotch. While Shannon is a fan of the XO and XXO cognacs, replicating that quality in a VSOP is a matter of expertise and timing. Jay tasted multiple barrels in Cognac, France to find the right one, at the right time. A living, breathing entity, taking the cognac out of the barrel at the right time is key. 

Shipping out various samples to LA allowed Jay and Shannon to go through the whole process of finding the perfect cognac for him, but also for a wider audience of both cognac connoisseurs and those new to the drink. As Dan notes, there was a wide mix of people at the launch, and everyone was drinking Shay VSOP and enjoying it. At $84 he declares it ‘a phenomenal cognac’ and one that compares to far more expensive, older cognacs.

Of course, Jay Bradley’s track record with The Craft Irish Whiskey Co. is testament to his obsessive perfectionism, a trait he shares with Shannon and which has led to the creation of a VSOP that is a cut above all others. Aged for five to eight years, this cognac is certainly more mature than other VSOPs on the market, and the design is an additional marker of distinction. Shannon talks through the Obsidian closures, the multiple prototypes they worked through for the box alone, and the science behind the glass (available soon) that removes the ethanol, allowing the drinker to fully appreciate the flavour and aroma of the cognac. 

Dan, Shannon and Jay also talk through the specificities of cognac and the rules that must be followed to be able to call it Cognac, so tune in to find out more about cognac, Le Portier and the ‘phenomenal’ Shay VSOP. Shay VSOP is currently available to buy in 33 states exclusively from ReserveBar.

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