Enjoy Cognac like a Champion with Shannon Sharpe

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Club Shay Shay is Open: Shannon Sharpe shows us how to enjoy cognac like a champion

From the time I was a kid, if I had any free time, I was spending it doing one of two things: working, or playing football. Throughout my time playing college ball and in the NFL, I was putting in the hours in training and on the field, and that didn’t leave much time for partying.

Of course, that doesn’t mean I wasn’t enjoying myself – I was finding success on the field, and each one of those wins spurred me on to achieve even more. Taking the time to toast each win just wasn’t on the agenda. I had personal bests to beat, strategies to study, and new plays to put to the test. Every day, I was driven to improve upon what I had done the day before.

That kind of grind never leaves you. Nothing tastes sweeter than success, but since retiring from the NFL and beginning my career as a businessman, I’ve learned to savor those successes in a new way: with a glass of cognac at the end of the day.

Cognac may be a French institution, but it’s an American icon. I’m proud to be part of crafting a cognac that celebrates all of this heritage – from the distillers who have perfected the art over centuries to the legends who immortalised it in their lyrics.

It’s no secret that when Club Shay Shay is open, I’ll be breaking out the Milds and ‘Gnac. But my love for the brown liquor goes beyond that bottle that was on the table at every family gathering. It’s not just about bringing a little luxury to your favorite uncle’s 50th, it’s about taking time to appreciate the centuries of craft that have brought us this remarkable spirit – and the chance to get together.

For me, the key to enjoying cognac isn’t the glassware or the number of drops of water I could add – it’s the occasion and the company I have with me when we’re sharing the moment. Cognac is a chance to slow down, say a thank you to the people we care about, and take time to reflect on our accomplishments. When I raise a glass of cognac, it’s a way to say hey, I recognise what I’ve been able to do, and I recognise how you helped me get there – let’s take a moment to soak that up.

That having been said, cognac isn’t just for the quiet or contemplative celebrations. No, it tastes just as nice as a victory drink any time my guys win – or Skip’s guys lose!