Launch Party at Hollywood Park Casino

Club Shay Shay is open! An elite group of entertainers, athletes, and other esteemed individuals gathered at the Hollywood Park Casino on November 16th to raise a glass to the launch of Shay by Le Portier.

The inaugural release from Le Portier, Shay by Le Portier, pays homage to Shannon’s grandmother in more than just name. Mary Porter (Portier is French for “Porter”) supported Shannon throughout his career and making her proud has been the driving force behind everything he’s achieved. Guests from the worlds of sports and spirits heard Shannon toast his grandmother and share his inspiration for crafting this new luxury cognac.

Le Portier founder and spirits expert Jay Bradley flew in from London to mark the occasion alongside Sharpe. As the VIP guests sampled Shay by Le Portier for the first time, Bradley discussed the process of crafting the cognac with the masters in France and guided the glitterati through the spirit’s rich notes.

From aromas of spiced apples to flavours of s’mores with marshmallows roasted on the campfire, Shay by Le Portier delivers a level of complexity matched by few other VSOP cognacs. Bradley noted that the experience of drinking Shay by Le Portier surpasses even many of the XOs on the market – the true result of the expertise, craft, and passion Le Portier brought together to redefine the premium cognac experience.