Celebrate the Big Game in style with Le Portier

Score a touchdown with these Big Game party tips

With the Big Game fast approaching on February 13th, now’s the time to start planning for the all-important viewing party. Get your friends and family together and make sure the Le Portier is on display as you prepare to watch the biggest event in the sporting calendar. 

To help your party get off the bleachers and into the end zone we’ve come up with our Big Game party must-haves!

Bringing Club Shay Shay to your party

What every Big Game party needs is a dash of Club Shay Shay-style. And for that, there’s only one bottle you need on your table; Shay by Le Portier. Bringing the connoisseur’s appreciation for flavour and design, the inaugural release from Shannon Sharpe’s Le Portier is guaranteed to add a splash of his signature sophisticated style.

While we’d always suggest drinking Shay neat with a drop or two of water, check out the cocktail recipe in our previous article – ‘s’more yak please’. Whip them up at the end of the night as the perfect nightcap to the perfect night (depending which team you’re cheering for!)

You know what Shannon will be drinking on February 13th. Did you succeed in getting a bottle in our first drop and will you be joining him in raising a glass of Shay at kick-off?

Guac and ‘Yak

It wouldn’t be a football party without food. And lots of it. From spicy chicken wings to ranch dip, traybakes to nachos, the game might be the MVP of the night but the food is a key part of the winning team. 

And with the game lasting upwards of four hours, you’re going to need a lot of food to keep guests going. Warm up with some apps – a mountain of wings, nachos and chips & dips – before moving onto the main event – a pot of chilli, chips, guacamole and sour cream to get your guests game-ready for the afternoon and evening ahead. 

Game time all round

Of course you’re there to watch the Big Game, but that doesn’t mean you can’t play your own games. Create your own Big Game Bingo, relive your college days with Beer Pong, or test your brainpower with football-themed charades. And if you decide to venture into a drinking game, be sure it’s with the best – Shay by Le Portier. 

Go to town on the details

If ever there was an excuse for ‘snack stadiums’ and astro turf coasters, a Big Game party is it. Set the scene for your guests with football-themed drinks stirrers, pinatas, balloons, banners and more. After all, when it’s a once-a-year event, the only way is to go big or go home. 

Big Game Party, done

Now you’ve got the food, the games, the decorations and the all-important drinks covered, it’s time to break open your bottle of Shay and prepare to welcome your guests as you come together for the best night in the sporting calendar (even if you’re secretly only there for the half-time show). Just remember to have fun in a Covid-safe way, in keeping with the rules in your region. And don’t forget to book the next day off work. Nothing kills the buzz like knowing you have to be up early the next day! 

We’d love to see how you bring Club Shay Shay style to your Big Game Party. Tag @leportiercognac in your Instagram posts and let us know!