The Design of Le Portier

Crafting a Connoisseur’s Collectible

While the beauty of Le Portier begins with the liquid, the team soon realised that a cognac of this distinction deserves a vessel to suit. Our award-winning team of designers have spent years crafting, testing, and refining the logo, bottles, collectible closures and box to deliver a luxurious experience worthy of our inaugural release, Shay.

Honouring Mary Porter

Le Portier was created to honor the woman behind Shannon Sharpe’s success. ‘The Spirit of Success’ honors the resilience and determination that she instilled in Shannon and that drove him to succeed against seeming odds. ‘Le Portier’ is the French rendering of ‘Porter’ – in naming a range of skillfully crafted cognacs that epitomise the discipline, determination and dedication shown by Shannon, we honor the woman who made it all possible.

The Gatekeeper

Le Portier is also French for the concept of ‘the gatekeeper’. This idea of protecting heritage, home and the foundations we rise from is captured in Le Portier. Strength and power are bound up in our cognacs, and mirrored in the strength and power Shannon shows in every aspect of his career.

The Bottle

Sleek, sensual, elegant; Shay’s bottle was designed to allow the warm glow of the liquid to take the stage. The lettering has been kept to a minimum, the simple design intended to sit back and let the liquid shine. The long, graceful neck swoops down into a droplet shape, highlighting the liquid from every angle and allowing more light, more reflection and more color.

The Collectible Closures

While the liquid in the bottle might not last long once you’ve tried that first sip, the monogrammed black obsidian closures offer a collectible to keep that Le Portier magic around for longer. The first drop of 25,000 bottles features an L, monogrammed in silver on semi-precious black obsidian. The second release will be an E. The next, a P, then an O, and so on. Collect them all and you’ll have a collection of nine to spell out LE PORTIER. To allow you to display them in their full glory, we’re planning something special for the connoisseurs.

The Box

A rich black wooden box protects the precious liquid from the light, while the soft gray interior hugs the curves of the bottle, keeping it safe and secure. The silver detailing and clasps are a hint of the quality and luxury of the contents, tempting the lucky owner to open the box and reveal the treasure within. The designers poured over the wood of the box, sampling different types, different colors, all to find the perfect packaging for a cognac of this quality.

A refined design for a cognac of distinction

There’s no denying that the sleek appearance, carefully conceived design and luxurious touches make Shay a cognac for the connoisseur. This is not a bottle to hide away in a dusty cupboard, but one to display proudly. From the semi-precious stones that form the collectible closures to the silver detailing of the bottle, Shay is a trophy to treasure.